Precisely why every coach needs another in their corner, ready with a whip, a hug and a wise word. Sometimes all at once.

Another coach who’s backing the hell out of their revolution.
And it’s not just coaches—it’s a smart move for anyone in a position of authority.
Take Miss Oprah. Ever heard of her? (Wink.) Oprah’s got a mean team of seventeen to smooth out the rough edges before she storms the stage. Whether it’s Super Soul Sunday, or handing out cars, you better believe she’s not sitting on the sidelines on her lonesome beforehand–she’s getting prompted and primped in all the right ways, so she can focus on what she does best: INSPIRE.
Just like Oprah, the best coaches need a team of people backing them, too, so they can do what they do best: COACH.
The place where smart coaches with bold hearts turn to find their people.
  • kickstart

    your life

    You don’t just want to talk the talk. You want to walk the walk—in 5-inch nude stilettos or those Salvatore Ferrgamo wing tips, without stumbling over even the smallest seam in the sidewalk. You want to be able to hold your head high, nix those feelings of, “OH MY EVER-LOVING GOSH—I have got to get my stuff in order,” and gain that oh-so-crucial alignment (where you stop feeling like a well-meaning hypocrite), we’ll work together to use the very coaching practices you preach to uplevel your own life from a 360 degree angle, proving that the proof really is in the pudding. And in your practice. let’s go!

  • kickstart

    your coaching

    Your skill set is one thing you can’t set…and forget. You might be a good coach, but the best coaches don’t just seek room for improvement—they live and breathe it. Sometimes, it’s the littlest details that give you the biggest ignition. A fire that not only your clients will recognize, but you’ll notice in yourself. That spark that will help you charge what you secretly wish you could now, get even more confident about the advice you’re giving to your clients, and walk into any room like a powerhouse that everyone inside won’t be able to take their eyes off. let’s go!

  • kickstart

    your business

    You’ve been to coaching school. You’ve earned your stripes. And maybe you’ve even formalized it into a business. But here’s the problem about coaching businesses: Coaches are coaches. Not business people. And so you may find yourself struggling with the business end of things, trying to find clients, separate yourself from the pack, figure out what to charge, get them to commit and do it all in a way that leaves you plenty of time to kick back and put your feet up at the end of the day, right? Maybe. If you do it right. let’s go!