Coaches KickStart Club

Coaches Kickstart Club


(That’s what the Coaches Kickstart Club would say if it could talk.)

If you’re a practicing coach, a new coach or an aspiring coach, there are some things you can only learn through experience; like how to ask the questions that BOOM have an impact. Or what kinds of coaching programs really sell. Or whether or not you should be offering that free complimentary first call. (I have a strong opinion on this that you’ll want to hear.) What kinds of fees you can demand, and when. How to coach others through challenges you’re having a hard time with, yourself. And plenty more that’ll help you shotgun your career as a coach.That’s why I’m inviting you to save yourself the next ten years making mistakes (although you know, you can’t actually make a mistake)—and let me teach you everything I know, instead.

Once a month, you get the VIP pass to crash my top secret call for coaches–entirely on the house. We discuss everything around what it takes to build a hell of a successful coaching business, coaching your clients like a powerhouse, managing sticky client situations, leveraging your marketing message, new ideas to keep your practice feeling fresh & creative, and so much more.

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  • Coaches KickStart Club 2016 Schedule

    October 26 KickStart Your Questions November 23 KickStart Your Gratitude December 21 Coaching Demo & Discussion January 18 KickStart Your Active Listening February 1 Coaching Demo and Discussion

    *All calls are the third Wednesday of the Month – Noon EST.

    (Free monthly calls are also recorded and available for 3 weeks afterward so you can listen to them while sipping rich, chocolaty Yoo-hoo in the bath--always a bonus.)

Is register for it. Click here to sign up.
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Sign up for kickstart-ologyKickStart-Ology, the free insider’s group exclusively for coaches who want to ante up their coaching business, the smart way. As the KickStart-ologist, I’ll give you to down-low on new ideas for your business, inspiration for your coaching practice, and even booming, new techniques for becoming an even better coach, and a plethora of other secrets that only the most successful coaches know. (Hint: Soon you’ll be one of them.)